Does the Tempcontrol® technology lose capacity after multiple uses?No, the Tempcontrol® technology does not lose capacity after multiple uses. The technology is 100.000 cycles guaranteed.

Is the Tempcontrol® technology food approved?Yes, the Tempcontrol® technology is fully food approved. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable technology that is totally harmful.

Can the Tempcontrol® technology cool and heat at the same time?No, the warm technology cannot cool down and the cold technology cannot heat up.

Does the Tempcontrol® technology weigh a lot?No, the Tempcontrol® technology weighs approximately 50 gram.

Is there any risk of contamination after many uses?No, there are no risks of contamination caused by the Tempcontrol® technology.

What happens if I put the plate that is made for cold in the oven and vice versa?Nothing will happen.

How long does the technology stay warm after heating up?The time duration of the warmth depends on the product itself and the amount of food that is placed on the tableware.

How long does the technology stay cold after cooling down?The time duration depends on the product itself and the amount of food that is placed on the tableware.

Is Tempcontrol® technology eco-friendly?Yes, the tempcontrol technology is eco-friendly as it is 100% biodegradable.

What happens with the Tempcontrol® technology inside if the tableware breaks?The Tempcontrol® technology is 100% secure. The technology is protected by a solid pouch.

What can Tempcontrol® be used for?The Tempcontrol® technology can be used to keep al kinds of food and beverages cold or hot. The technology is applicable in every material and shape, like for example dinner plates, glasses, carafes, butter dishes, sauce jugs, buckets or cookware.

Does Tempcontrol® technology need a specific treatment/maintenance?No, the Tempcontrol® technology does not need any specific maintenance.